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Save Money While Eating Healthy

My top ways to eat healthy and still be able to afford that massage.

Ladies, we have it going on now days!


We are beautiful, family focused, and killing the professional game.


While spending money on travel, shoes, makeup, facials, massages, manicures, and fine restaurants, we can miss the mark when maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


It’s ok. I get it.  No matter our income, we want balanced spending and we know that eating healthy causes grocery bills to skyrocket. Unfortunately, processed foods like lunch meats, potato chips, crackers, and snack cakes are considerably cheaper than natural foods like fresh ground nut butter, quinoa, gogi berries, and organic fruits.


So how do we stay lean and keep a little green in our designer purses?


Here I offer suggestions that make it possible to have our fabulous outside go hand in hand with a healthier inside.


Stick to a list!

Adhere to a strategic plan. The goal is to purchase needed items and get your pretty ass out of there. With a grocery list, you are in control and less likely to fall victim to marketing tactics, labeling lies, and newer healthy items that add $50-100 to your weekly bill. While shopping, make notes on new items you may want to try. Do research to see if the ingredients and prices are suitable for your budget next week.


Eat before you shop!

It makes a world of difference in your budget to shop when you are not hungry. The grocery stores tease you with vanilla cupcakes topped with glitter sprinkles. We don’t have time for that, today right? (wink)


Take reconnaissance trips!

Visit farmers markets, ethnic markets, and specialty health food stores. There may be budget friendly items your usual grocer may not carry. Having more than one place to shop opens your imagination to delicious meal ideas and potential deals.


Buy enough fruits and veggies for one week!

Fresh fruits and veggies can go bad before you have time to use them. Purchase enough for the meal recipes you have planned for that week. You will save money in the long run.


Choose more whole foods!

We all enjoy healthy snacks, but many are overpriced and get us into trouble with our weekly budget. Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables will save your coins and keep you trim. For the healthier choices, seek the perimeter aisles housing the produce, perishable foods, meats, dairy and frozen foods. The center aisles, minus the spices aisle, should be avoided.


Know what you are eating!

Read labels to become familiar with favorite brands that meet your “healthy” choice requirements and compare with your local store named brands. Some grocers carry organic goods that are cheaper than popular national brands.


Hopefully, these tips can help you avoid overspending while making healthier food choices. Please comment below or share the tips and tricks that work for you.

Yours in health and wellness,

2 thoughts on “Save Money While Eating Healthy

  1. These were great reminders for me. I’ve gotten off track when it comes to shopping for healthy foods and eating healthy, lately.

    Thanks again.


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