8 Week Mindset Coaching

For the person that is all in and wants to reprogram her thoughts to conquer her goals.

Mindset Coaching Outline

Consultation: 50-minutes

Before the consultation, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire, and you will return it a week before our first scheduled meeting. This form will include the basis for your consultation, along with anything that you would like to add or address. I ’ll introduce you to the 8-week Mindset program, its benefits, and how we’ll work as a team to achieve your best results.

Mindset is everything it plays a critical role in your entire life. Every single thing that you have done and will ever do is a product of your mindset. This program is for high achievers or for those that would like to be. In these sessions, we’ll dive deep and get to the heart of old habits and mindsets. We work together to replace them with new ideas and concepts that will assist you in successfully conquering your goals. Journaling and book suggestions that correspond to your goals for the week will be sent out after the session ends. This allows you to learn more and to experiment and to report back what worked and what didn’t in the next week.  We then come up with clear goals to work on for the upcoming sessions. 2-3 suggestions will be offered based upon your needs and or requests. As your coach, I’ll personally hold you accountable and support you through your journey.


  • Identify negative & pessimistic thoughts
  • Release unsupportive beliefs
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Establish a morning and evening routine for success
  • Raised awareness and confidence


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