6 months

6 Month Program

For women who need guidance and accountability to achieve their wellness goals.

As a coach, I use an intuitive approach; we’ll dive deep into subjects such as self-love, finances, nutrition, physical activity, social life, and spirituality. We’ll also talk about what it takes to attain good health and well-being. We’ll focus on your individual goals and create a strategy for you to sustain your new lifestyle. You’ll become your own expert, equipped to make the right choices for healing your mind and body. Are you ready for your transformation?


One on One Coaching Outline   


Consultation: 50-minutes  


Before the consultation, you’ll be asked to complete a Health Synopsis, and you will return it a week before our first scheduled meeting. This form will include the basis for your consultation, along with anything that you would like to add or address. I ’ll introduce you to the six-month program, its benefits, and how we’ll work as a team to achieve your best results.


Bi-weekly: 50-minutes

In these sessions, we’ll dive deep and get to the heart of old habits and mindsets. We work together to replace them with new ideas and concepts that will assist you in successfully maintaining your health. Website links, recipes and book suggestions that correspond to your goals for the week will be sent out after the session ends. This allows you to learn more and to experiment and to report back what worked and what didn’t in the next week. Your sessions are all about you and learning to tap into your intuition to heal yourself.  We’ll focus on your main health concerns, as well as examine your daily routines and sleeping patterns. We then come up with clear goals to work on for the upcoming sessions. 2-3 suggestions will be offered based upon your needs and or requests. As your coach, I’ll personally hold you accountable and encourage you every step of the way.



  • Positive Mindset  
  • Power of Manifesting  
  • Conquer Emotional Eating
  • Self Love and Care  
  • Nutritional Literacy
  • Learn Sacred Healing Practices
  • Increased Physical Activity  
  • Overall Sense of Wellbeing       


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